R. Scott Gornto


Dr. R. Scott Gornto

Dr. R. Scott Gornto is an American Abstract Artist, Psychotherapist, Author and Speaker, who grew up in Houston, Texas. At an early age, his interest in creating started with pencil drawing, pen and ink, and charcoal. His work was inspired by and primary focused on nature, people, and still life images. From age 14-18, he had the privilege of working with Suzanne Peterson, accomplished watercolor and pastel artist. During that time, his work shifted to watercolors and pastels – mostly focused on people and landscape. In college, he studied communication, psychology, art history and religion. During this time, he continued his art with pencil and charcoal figure drawings.

After spending the past 20+ years focusing his energies on study and research on topics of psychology, theology and the human experience, he has rededicated himself to his art as a resource to recharge and renew. Having worked with, pastels and watercolor, his art has shifted in medium and style. Now, he focuses on abstract art working primarily with acrylics and oils. Scott resides and creates in Dallas, Texas.

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